PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA
PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA
PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA
PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA
PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA

PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 Starter Kit - USA

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Everything you need in one convenient package to temporarily fence poultry in the backyard or on the pasture. 48" tall.

Choose this starter kit if you plan to move the fence daily/weekly and have light or flighty breeds such as Leghorns and Buttercups. Kit includes these essentials:


  • 100 ft roll of 48" PoultryNet® Plus double spike electric netting
  • 4 48" FiberTuff™ support posts
  • Solar IntelliShock® 60 fence energizer
  • 5-Light Wireless Fence Tester
Starter kit contains all the essentials to fence a small flock of birds.


Netting is quick and simple to move. Even for new users, it takes less than 10 minutes to go from out-of-the-box netting to installed fence.

Common Uses
  • Contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks and other poultry on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Rotate poultry to fresh grass as a food source and to reduce disease risks.
  • Keep small flocks in the backyard. When managed well, chickens are an indispensable garden tool—turning pesky insects and weeds into rich compost.
  • Keeps out deer, bears, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks.
  • Can be used to contain and control livestock other than poultry, such as sheep, goats, cattle and guard dogs.



Starter kit includes:

  • 100 ft roll of 48" PoultryNet® Plus double spike electric netting creates a 25' x 25' enclosure.
  • 4 48" FiberTuff™ support posts
  • Solar IntelliShock® 60 fence energizer with U-Spike ground stake (combination ground rod and support stand) and wiring harness.
  • 5-Light Wireless Fence Tester


PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 is a 48" tall electrifiable prefabricated fence. It arrives at your door as a complete roll with the double spike posts already built into the mesh/fence. Features 12 horizontals strands (11 electrified) with vertical struts placed every 3". “Plus” nets include additional line posts spaced every 6'8" to reduce sag. Add 3 more rolls of item #207018 to create a 100' x 100' enclosure.

FiberTuff™ Posts provide additional support around curves, corners and other major directional changes. Use at end posts to help maintain tension on the fence.

The Solar IntelliShock® 60 fence energizer will electrify 3-5 rolls of electric netting depending on soil conditions and vegetation.

Use the 5-Light Wireless Fence Tester to determine if your fence system is working properly. At the end of the net, the approximate voltage should measure at least 3,000V.

Consult the linked products or watch the videos above for installation instructions.


PoultryNet is not effective with baby chicks that are small enough to crawl through the net openings and therefore are not deterred by the electric shock.


Electric fence is a pain barrier, not a physical barrier. A common mistake is not electrifying it. Animals may escape or become entangled (and may die). On a % basis, entanglement is very rare, but it can and does occur. If animals are scared or starved it will not keep them in. The first time you put the animals in the net, you should be available to watch them for a while. That way if one were to get into the fence and get caught, you can turn the power off and get them loose.

Netting must be moved when tall grass covers the lower “hot” strands. The alternative? Apply a strip of herbicide to kill vegetation.

Warning! Due to risk of fire, do NOT use continuous output energizers with electric netting or electro-plastic conductors such as rope, twine or tape. Use only with a low or wide impedance intermittent pulse energizer. (Fi-Shock™ brand energizers which are sold as low impedance, continuous current output should NOT be used with electric netting.) All energizers sold on Premier’s website use an intermittent pulse and are suitable for use with electric netting.

Dry conditions and wintertime usage may reduce the effectiveness of electric fencing. Ice and heavy snow can flatten netting and thereby damage it.

Dry or frozen ground may cause post spikes to bend or break if inserted with force. Pilot holes may be needed. We recommend using drivable or single spike posts in hard soils. Double spike posts provide more stability when the ground is soft.

With proper care, electric netting should last 5-7 years. Replacements will be prorated.


2-year warranty for energizers and solar panels cover lightning damage and defective parts or workmanship. Should an energizer fail, we will replace the unit, bill you for the cost to do so, then reimburse you for warranted expenses after we have examined the failed unit. Misuse and flood damage are not covered.

30-day warranty for all batteries.

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